Bathroom Fittings

Wide range of Designer Taps, Wall Mixers, Swarn Necks, Showers, Waste Couplings, Floor Jali, And many more products.

  • Brass Taps

    Brass Taps.

  • Waste Couplings

    Waste Couplings.

  • Waste Pipes

    Waste Pipes.

  • Showers


  • Shower Arms

    Shower Arms.

  • Shower Tubes

    Shower Tubes.

  • flanges


  • connections


  • Floor Jali

    Floor Jali.

  • Towel Ring

    Towel Rings.

  • Towel Rod

    Towel Rods.

  • Towel Rack

    Towel Racks.

  • Soap Dish

    Soap Dish.

  • S.S. Trey

    S.S. Trey.